Oceanstone Seaside Resort - Indian Harbour, Nova Scotia

Oceanstone Seaside Resort is a locally-owned, full service getaway featuring a restaurant, inn and bespoke cottages just a stone's throw from historic Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia. This hidden gem on Nova Scotia's South Shore is best known for the property's soothing spirit and the personal attention they offer their guests.

The primary focus of our shoot was updating the photography for a few of the individual cottages on the property. Each space has its own unique vibe and required special consideration while choosing what and when to shoot.

Many of the spaces had breaktaking ocean views which were absolutely essential to capture as well as the interior.

Timing was without question the biggest hurdle we had to overcome while photographing this space. We were trying to shoot in between guests arrivals and the overcast day we arrived on meant we had to get pretty creative. For a few shots they wanted a bright, golden hour feel which we had to accomplish without any sun at all! Thankfully, with enough creativity and a little help from technology, we can - in fact - "fake" a sunset.

Faking sunlight is probably one of my favourite techniques in my bag of tricks and is one of those skills that can really "wow" the client. In addition, sky replacements are becoming incredibly popular and were used extensively on this project as the actual sky on the day was completely flat, grey and boring. It takes a decent amount of Photoshop work blending different exposures to achieve these results but when the clients are impressed, it makes it all worth it.

I love an open door for interior images - just feels so inviting and makes the viewer feel like they can literally walk through the frame.

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