EyeCapture Images is the result of over 20 years of blood, sweat and tears by owner, Trevor Kennedy. Trevor is a Halifax based photographer specializing in architecture, interiors and commercial spaces.

The company was officially established in January of 2012 but the genesis of EyeCapture Images and Trevor's journey through the world of photography started many years ago. 

Trevor has been shooting and editing video from the time he was 12 years old. All through high school, with the help of his close friends, he created many would-be masterpieces. At the age of 18, his first job was at Black’s Photography and another aspect of his interest in visual media was sparked.

Over the years, Trevor has done it all in the world of photography: weddings, events, family portraits, headshots, pets (mostly his own), product, landscapes etc. Once he started shooting real estate in 2012, the perfect storm was created - marrying his technical ability, meticulous attention to detail and strong interpersonal skills into a passion for an art form he has been honing for over two decades.

When Trevor isn't out shooting beautiful homes, he enjoys shooting aliens or levelling up his character in the latest game releases for the Playstation 4. His wife Melanie and three cats, Scrappy, Jane & Gem, complete the picture and are shockingly supportive of a wildly inconsistent work schedule and long winters that can be especially lean for photographers.

Trevor is continuously learning new techniques and experimenting with emerging technologies to take his work to the next level. In 2018, he became an AirBnB Certified Photographer - helping hosts on the platform showcase their listing on the popular rental site.

“We have no doubt that Trevor’s photos are what sold our home!! His photos were crisp, clear and he used just the right angles to capture each room at its best. He was polite, patient and gave us just the right amount of direction on how to stage our home to its full potential. We listed our home and 2 days later it was sold!!” - Cindy Legault, Lower Sackville

“While we had a basic concept, Trevor took our project to the next level, adding creative ideas that he knew would contribute to a better production. Trevor also served as the video’s director, managing a cast and crew of more than 30 people over two days of shooting, which came in on time and on budget. The final product was delivered to us in advance of our deadline, with the quality of his work far exceeding our expectations.” - Doug Boudreau, Director - Administration (Stewart McKelvey)

“Trevor showed up early, stayed late and was extremely professional throughout the event... Trevor was a pleasure to deal with and comes highly recommended for any opportunity you may have for him. I look forward to working with him in the future.” - Chris Gerrard, Regional Manager SDT - Atlantic (Speedy Glass / Belron Canada)

My approach to environmental, social & economic sustainability is something I take personally. As the owner / operator of EyeCapture Images, I make every effort to minimize my effect on the environment, support the local economy and bolster our community. Through relatively small actions like using rechargeable batteries, shopping at local camera stores and donating my time (and my images) for charities and non-profit organizations, I believe it makes a big difference.

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