Moxie's Nova Centre - Halifax, Nova Scotia

Moxie's Restaurants is a Canadian-based, premium casual-type restaurant chain operating in eight provinces and two US states. Their menu features house made ingredients with "global inspiration".

Their newest Halifax location is situated inside the all-new Nova Centre (or Halifax Convention Centre) in the heart of downtown Halifax, Nova Scotia. Argyle Street has a long history as one of the most influential culinary districts in the entire city. This Moxie's location carries on that tradition with a simple, yet elevated menu and contemporary, modern fixtures and interior design.

The simple, stylish decor features light wood, brick highlights, accent lighting and contemporary art.

Photographing Moxie's Nova Centre was truthfully one of the most stress-free commercial jobs I've ever had! The owner - Andrew - gave me free reign of the space for about half a day and gave me ultimate freedom to shoot the space any way I wanted. The black ceiling and overcast day outside meant I wouldn't be using any flash at all. Composition was everything and I took my time with each shot to frame it exactly how I wanted.

The superb lighting design inside the space and soft, flat light outside meant I didn't have to spend a bunch of time fighting the light. I could simply drop my tripod down, compose the shot and move on. This very simple shooting style is my absolute favourite workflow and meant I came back with many more great shots than I had promised.

Needless to say, the owner as well as corporate were thrilled with the "under promise / over deliver" approach and I got to eat some kick-ass food while I worked!!

Shooting at the right time of day and under the right conditions can make or break a photo shoot.

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